Lovely lace

My all time favorite pattern..LACE! I just can’t get over how cute this shirt is. When I was in the store there wasnt a size that was mine !!! I was so angry but, I wouldn’t leave the store without it so I got the smallest one which was a small but it was for women so that’s why it looks a bit big. 😀





This tank is so cute ! But what I love most about it is ..THE GLITTER!! Haha sequins are in right now especially in boots (which I don’t really think is to cute) but, you have to keep up with the trend 😉


My polo=¥!kes

YIKES! Look at my chorus polo this is just a pic of me and my two friends but those red polos ruin it !


Big sweaters ! ;)

Here’s the pics I told ya I was gonna post


Curling wand

I got a curling wand for an early birthday present and I just thought that it looks great on almost everyone! BTW that’s my bunny in the front… lol ❤


my style

My favorite style would definitely be bohemian i dont know, i guess  its just because its kinda girly and down to earth and almost careless! Thats probably what i like about it:) me, myself though i usually wear oversized sweatshirts, and some skinny jeans . Ill post a few pics of them later (the sweatshirts). So that’s about it! i just wanted to tell you a bit about my style and you’ll find out more as the site progresses! 😉


Hello world!

hey girlzz its me jill!!! ive created this website for girls to get some tips and tricks on fashion! I havent always been the queen of fashion but ill tell ya all i know 🙂 😉